Oprah Winfrey presents at the 20th annual Glamour Magazine Women of the Year award ceremony in New York November 8, 2010.

*A homeless man in New York City happened to be in the right place at the right time last weekend.

Oprah Winfrey, in town for Glamour magazine’s 2010 Women of the Year awards Monday night [see photo above], was photographed as she was leaving the SoHo House in the Meatpacking District when she came across the man panhandling outside.

According to TMZ, she had her driver stop the car and handed the man five $20 bills. [See photo below.]

The news follows headlines from Oprah’s recent pair of Yosemite National Park shows in which she and her best friend Gayle went camping in an effort to attract more African Americans to the pasttime. During the adventure, Oprah and Gayle managed to poke fun a longstanding rumors that they are in fact secret lesbian lovers.

As they called it a night and retreated into their (shared) camper, Gayle cracked, “Let’s just add to that lesbian rumor.”

“Lesbian rumors!” Oprah said in her trademark exaggerated voice. [Watch clip below.]