*Diseased lungs, dead bodies, a man on a ventilator and mothers blowing smoke in their children’s faces are among the images U.S. health officials are considering in their effort to revamp tobacco warning labels.

The “graphic health warnings,” unveiled on Wednesday, aim to depict the negative effects of smoking, and they will be required on all cigarette packages and advertisements as of October 2012.

The FDA will accept comments on its proposed warnings until January 9. In June, the agency will choose nine graphic images from the 36 it has proposed.

More prominent warnings on cigarette packages, including larger text labels, were mandated in a June 2009 law putting the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry under the control of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The proposal offers the most significant and important change in public health warnings since the release of the surgeon general’s landmark report on smoking in the 1960s, said Matt Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.