*Folks are still buzzing about Rihanna’s rather…provocative…performance of her new song “What’s My Name” on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend. Let’s just say the singer’s pelvic movements reinforce the theme of the song, which includes a chorus that asks a boy if he can “go downtown.” [Watch below.]

The “SNL” episode’s digital short was pretty memorable as well. Rihanna returns for a music video with “Shy Ronnie,” a rapper played by Andy Samberg who is supposed to be in a duet with the singer, but is so shy that you can barely hear him. In Saturday’s clip, the two are trying to rob a bank. [Watch below.]

In other RiRi news, she and Eminem will follow their Hot 100-topping single “Love The Way You Lie” with a sequel set to appear on Rihanna’s upcoming album “Loud.” The singer admitted that she was “completely against” the idea of recording “Part II,” but fell in love with a stripped-down version of the song that was eventually expanded into a full sequel. Rihanna adds that Eminem’s verse on the track is about trading punches with a girl and is “crazy.” [Watch original video below.]