*Barbara Walters’s interview with the president and first lady did well on Friday night, early viewing figures indicate.

Airing at 10 p.m., the special Thanksgiving edition of “20/20” managed a respectable 5.69 million for ABC, according to Nielsen. [Watch clip below.]

Next up for Walters is a double dose on Dec. 9: “Oprah: The Next Chapter” (9/8c) and the 18th annual “10 Most Fascinating People” (10/9c).

Regarding Oprah, “The interview is extremely personal,” Walters tells TV Guide. “She talks about her hopes and fears [in starting her cable network OWN], and her feelings about not wanting to have children. A good part of it has to do with her relationships with Gayle [King] and with [longtime companion] Stedman [Graham]. It’s a very intimate portrait.”

Walters most fascinating list includes Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, LeBron James, the “Jersey Shore” cast, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton, Gen. David Petraeus and Betty White. As always, the person she deems “most fascinating” will be revealed on the show. Here are some of Walters’ behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Betty White: “She says she’s not having a comeback — she never stopped working. We talked about death, sex — she still wants it — and animals. She loves them more than people.”

Justin Bieber: “He said because his mother talked to him about her drinking and drug use, he feels it’s something that he never will do.” And on a lighter note, “He taught me a new dance.”

The Jersey Shore cast: “They were all very serious and very well dressed, with big plans for the future. I now know what a ‘grenade’ [a plump woman] and ‘smush’ [have sex] mean.”

Jennifer Lopez: The new “American Idol” judge reveals that she took the job so she can stay home and take care of her kids, says Walters. But, “she’s still the glamour figure. She came [to the interview] wearing tiny little hot pants, looking very cute.”