Editor’s Note: This story has been UPDATED here.

*Trust us. This story is beyond weird on several levels. The U.S. Postal service said Friday that a black mailman who recorded a racist rant by a white customer, in a Boston suburb, isn’t working there now but that it has “nothing whatsoever” to do with the video, as he claimed.

The mailman, Hugson Jean, last month posted an Internet video of the exchange he had last year with Erica Winchester in which she repeatedly slapped him, called him nigger and said black people killed Martin Luther King Jr.

The video, recorded outside Winchester’s suburban Boston home, gained widespread Internet play after it was posted late Thursday by the gossip blog Gawker.

Watch the videos below. Read the FULL story HERE.

In the video below, Erica Winchester not only continues to call Hugson Jean the N-word and every low life name she can think of, but she hauls off and clocks the crap out of him causing him to howl in pain:


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