*It looks like RHOA star Sheree Whitfield, has gone and messed with the wrong person … a private dick.

According to tmz.com, she hired Dwayne Alexander, a private investigator, in 2005 to spy on her then-husband, ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield. Unfortunately she never paid said detective completely off and still owes him a whopping $28,858.93.

Alexander is apparently tired of waiting for his money and has now gone to Bravo, the network that produces “Real Housewives of Atlanta” series with a court judgment to inform them that he plans to garnish her pay and get his money that way.

However, according to tmz, Whitfield’s lawyer claims the PI’s judgment is “void.” According to the attorney, Alexander “has no idea what he’s doing in a court of law and what he’s trying to do is improper.”