*On Thursdays, the second floor of the Charlotte Westin is turned into a village for young people, who named the halls after prominent bishops in the church.

The Bible Bowl, which required a literal interpretation of Scriptures and knowledge of COGIC bishops past and present, played out near Bishop Woodard Drive. Running the Bowl, as she has for most of its 25-year history, was Helen Givens, who lives near Detroit.

“We do this to help our young people know what is important so they can hide it in their hearts and know it’s fun,” said Givens. “With all those ‘Thees’ and ‘Thous,’ the Bible can seem intimidating. But it’s basically a story, and when our young people know that, it becomes more relevant.”

If there was anybody happier than young Charles at his team’s come-from-behind victory Thursday, it was his mother, Thelma McVade. She also coaches the junior Bible experts from the Texas Southwest jurisdiction.

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