*The issue of bullying, and in particular, cyber-bullying, is a huge issue these days. Recently Milwaukee writer JC Poppe wrote about the subject and how one local 16-year-old rapper named Que is illuminating the situation with his peers with a mesmerizing track called “Can’t Keep Running Away.”

Que is 16 and is a young man that has already been through a lot in his brief life, leaving him a bit more grizzled than his peers. He is a good rapper and often prefers to tell street tales in many of the songs that I have had the opportunity to hear, but in this new song “Can’t Keep Running Away,” which features singing by Patrice Downey, Que explores the reality of millions of children out there that have to deal with bullying and domestic violence day after day.

It’s very mature of Que to understand the issue going on and to write a song that attempts to rally the downtrodden and affected, and I think that since it’s coming from somebody of their generation, it’s much more poignant of a message and something that may help to lift the spirit of a kid going through a tough time. Yes, it’s just music, but in the end, music to many people is something that can fill the void left behind by whatever they’re lacking.

Whatever the case, let’s hope that more ‘tweens and teens find ways to endure being bullied instead of turning to tragic and fatal acts, but more than that, hopefully the culture of bullying ENDS so that there’s never again the temptation to give up on life.

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Listen to “Can’t Keep Running Away” HERE: