*Like a lot of rappers, 50 Cent has had hits about making money. One song in particular, 2007’s “I Get Money,” was a big hit and made him lots of money. Enter some dude named Tyrone Simmons who says he wants to get paid by Fifty.  

Lawyers for Simmons, an Atlanta rapper who goes by “Caliber,” filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn.

The lawsuit names 50 Cent, along with the producer who created the instrumental beat for “I Get Money,” and a host of music industry companies.

The lawsuit seeks damages and says Simmons had bought exclusive rights to the instrumental track, and that 50 Cent and others infringed on his rights by using it.

We kinda think that whoever has the most money to spend on lawyers will win this case. Guess who we’re putting our money on?