*Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guys under 6 feet that you will ever meet. And there aren’t that many people over 6 feet that are funnier than him. If you think we’re joking then check out a copy of his stand up “I’m A Grown Little Man” and see for yourself. Apparently, someone big on the set of “The Little Fockers” thought Hart was funny as well and invited him down to audition.

In the film Hart plays a nurse who is working under Ben Stiller’s character at the hospital.

“I have a few scenes,” he explained. “I play a nurse similar to the (character) Ben Stiller played (when the series of ‘Fockers’ films) first started. Now time has passed and he’s at a completely different place and on a completely different level in the hospital. I work underneath him. I’m somewhat of a misfit. I’m not good, I’m not well-rounded at all in this particular profession. I mess up a lot, but he’s patient with me because he understands I’m where he was years ago. So, he kind of cuts me some slack.”

Of course we would have loved to see Hart match comic wits with one of America’s best throughout the film, but a cameo is a start.

“It’s broken up through out the first half of the movie,” he explained. “I was just in the right place at the right time. They were about to film and they wanted me to come in so they could see me; they wanted me to read, I went for it, they liked me and said we should make this happen. We did it. Next thing I know I’m on the set chilling with Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller and Jessica Alba.”

It’s hard for us to see how anyone could not like this guy. His stand up is filled with characterizations and scenarios that cross demographics.

“Yes,” said Hart when asked whether he had any scenes with De Niro. “There was a scene with Robert, Ben and Jessica.”

Though De Niro is considered an industry titan, Hart tells EURweb.com that he wasn’t sweating him at all, but he was respecting him.

“He puts on his suits the same way I do. He’s a man that’s talented and well-crafted, but he’s still an individual. Very nice guy. At the end of the day we just came to do a job.”

Hart adds:

“Just look out for comedy. That’s what I bring to the film.”

The movie kind of speaks for itself and is its own franchise from “Meet the Parents” to “The Fockers” to “Little Fockers.”

“Little Fockers”, opens tomorrow, December 22nd. It stars Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba and Kevin Hart.

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