*According to TMZ, Jermaine Jackson has filed a police report, claiming someone stole over $150,000 worth of his possessions, which includes jewelry, furs, and clothes.

The police report says this mysterious home invader took a valuable Louis Vuitton bag that contains some ridiculously expensive watches.

But get this; he made this claim just one week after he said he couldn’t afford to pay child support.

Jackson told the court in the child support case that he can’t afford the $3,000 a month payment for his children Jaafar and Jermajesty. He’d like the payment reduced to $215 a month.

In spite of his supposed poverty, he and his wife Halina Rashid happen to live in a gated community, the same one his mother Katherine Jackson is temporarily located due to house renovations.

Hmm, somethin’ ain’t addin’ up, Mr. Jackson. We’ll leave at that.