*When the youth went out and voted in record numbers, something else was sparked among the masses. Instead of committing to the blue or the red, the ass or the giant gray beast, a new political movement called the No Labels has stirred up a following and rallied in New York City on Dec. 13. And guess who wrote the movement’s anthem — Akon.

“No Labels is not about the center. It’s not about moderate. It’s not about left, right or center,” Jon Cowan, who worked for the Clinton administration, told NPR. “It’s about whether we can pressure our politicians, of both parties, to come together, to find common sense, common ground solutions and solve the countries problems.”

The No Labels’ slogan reads “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” For his part Akon sings: “He’s a Democrat/ He’s Republican/ There’s a fight and a race who’s gonna win?/ Put your differences aside, ‘man up’ you can/ ‘Cause there’s way too many people sufferin’/ I wish they didn’t have ‘No Labels’/ There’d be more change with ‘No Labels.'”

Listen to the song here: