International pedophile, Douglas Perlitz, convicted of raping Haitian children for over 10 years

*The U.S. government should be ashamed and we should be outraged at the sentence that was levied against a man who opened a school in Haiti only to rape little children.  He ”founded” the school in 1997 and started his abominable acts against the children, some as young as 11, before the school was finished in 1998.

According to the Huffington Post, Douglas Perlitz, 40, was convicted in New Haven federal court on Tuesday.  Judge Janet Bond Arterton called him ”a serial rapist and molester.” Six young men were flown in from Haiti to testify against Perlitz.  They all had attended the Project Pierre Toussaint School for homeless children in Cap-Haitien and had been assaulted.

He had threatened to take away their “food, shelter, cash, cell phones, electronics and shoes” and kick them out of the school if they did not agree to his sexual advances. But their stories were nothing to this judge…to the United States government.  (more…)