*Avant recently released his sixth studio album, “The Letter,” leading with its first single “Kiss Goodbye.” He says the project is nothing new, but all about real issues from his life.

“When you’re writing a letter you try to put all the juicy stuff inside the letter so that’s what I try to do for my fans, just give them some material,” Avant told Blacktree TV’s Sound Check. “It’s nothing new under the sun but it feels like it’s new to me because it’s coming from myself and it’s different issues that I like to deal with.”

He continued saying this album is his way of being “real honest.”

“Doing this album, it was more like not trying to sound like the previous albums…I got nieces and nephews so I try to figure out what their listening to and I also have to be real honest with myself and my fan base as well because that’s who really hones in and love your music and will go out and purchase your music,” Avant said.

So far, his biggest challenge is reaching the younger audience, but he says he can do it.

“It’s tricky but it’s not…because this new world, they don’t have a set way of things,” he says. “There really accepting…I don’t want to say nonsense, but anything. In doing so you can get them to gradually understand the truth of real music.”

“In sitting down and singing to these young people or getting them to understand the music, then I think we can pull them back into what’s real in music,” Avant says about bridging the gap between his old and young audience. “I’m not saying what there doing is not right, it’s truly right, it’s just I grew up on the Babyface’s of the world…this is how you deal with real life issues.”