Kim Kardashian poses with the owners of the Brissmor Watch Company: Bright Riley, Chris Mortimer and Suamana "Swoop" Brown (Photo by Vince Tanzilini).

*When Kim Kardashian unveiled her Brissmor signature watch collection Tuesday night at The Grove in Los Angeles, who knew the powers that be behind the watch are African Americans!

In a press release from publicists Edna and Damian Bruce, of ESP Public Relations, we learned that the Brissmor Watch Company was established in 2008 and is located in Beverly Hills, California with offices in Nassau, Bahamas.

The owners of the Brissmor Watch Company are Bright Riley, Suamana “Swoop” Brown and Chris Mortimer.

Kardashian says Brissmor and their watch collection is just what she was looking for:

“I really wanted to create something special for all women all over the world.  And when (marketing company) TLK Fusion presented the opportunity with the Brissmor Watch Company, I was on board! I love fashion and I know what women like!  This was an opportunity to do something fabulous.”

For more information on where you can buy the watches, go to or or call 310.902.3444.

For more information about Brissmor watches go to

Brissmor Watch Company owners Bright Riley and Suamana 'Swoop' Brown (Photo: Vince Tanzilini).