*The U.K.’s two elite universities admit a paltry number of black students to their undergraduate programs, the Guardian reports.

Last year, 21 Oxbridge colleges did not offer admission to a single black student. Oxford’s storied Merton college has not accepted a black student for five years. Out of all of its colleges, Oxford accepted one black student last year out of 35 applicants. Cambridge accepted six, according to the Daily Mail.

These figures were produced after a Freedom of Information Act request on Oxbridge undergraduate admissions by Labour MP David Lammy. The statistics also show that Oxford and Cambridge’s social profiles are 89 percent and 87.6 percent upper and middle-class, respectively.

The racial disparity at the schools extends to Cambridge’s faculty as well. There are no black people among the more than 1,500 academic and lab staff employed by the university

An Oxford spokesperson told the Daily Mail that “Black students apply disproportionately for the most oversubscribed subjects, contributing to a lower than average success rate for the group as a whole,” while a Cambridge spokesperson told the Guardian that “Colleges make offers to the best and brightest students regardless of their background, and where variations exist this is due to supply of applications and demand by subject.”