*”Skating with the Stars” contestant Brandon Smith will return to the rink next week after being rushed to the hospital on Monday while on set.

TMZ reported that Smith would not appear on last night’s live show because he was taken to a hospital after throwing up and experiencing shortness of breath.

Sources said a 911 call was made at 11:43 a.m. from the CBS lot in Los Angeles where the show is filmed.

Smith — who stars in “Sonny with a Chance” with Demi Lovato — was reportedly sick when he arrived to the studio.  At 1:30 p.m., a rep for the show told TMZ: “He was throwing up on set and we think it is food poisoning.”

“He was taken away in an ambulance today on set,” Smith’s rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, adding that the hospital sent him home “to rest.”

The rep also confirmed later that Smith, who missed this week’s chance to perform due to the illness, suffered from something viral or from food poisoning.

The Disney actor hopes to make a triumphant return for the next show.

“We expect him to be back on the ice next Monday!” the rep added.

Coincidentally, Smith’s incident was not the lone drama plaguing the production on Monday. Skater Brooke Castille sliced her finger open while practicing with Olympic gold medal skier Jonny Mosely. She was also taken to a nearby hospital where she received stitches.