*A philanthropist has made it possible for a number of celebrities to end their self-imposed Twitter exile until $1 million was raised for an AIDS charity run by singer Alicia Keys.

The Grammy winner announced Monday that her Keep a Child Alive reached its $1 million fundraising goal in honor of last week’s World AIDS Day.

Keys had recruited Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Usher, the Kardashians, Justin Timberlake and other celebs for her Digital Death campaign (see poster above), which required them to sign off of Twitter and Facebook last Wednesday until the fundraising goal was met.

The entertainers and their fans raised $500,000, and on Monday, pharmaceutical entrepreneur Stewart Rahr matched it.

“I’m back from the dead! Thank you all so much for your donations and contributions! I have missed u all so much!!!,” Kim Kardashian, who can earn $10,000 per sponsored Tweet, posted on Twitter.

Added Seacrest, “So stoked to be back on twitter! Special shout out to Stewie Rah Rah for his generous donation.”

The charity said 3,600 people had donated. “Although we never expected to raise $1 million overnight, we are completely blown away that we were able to achieve our goal in less than a week,” the organization said in a statement.