*If you doubted that Nicki Minaj’s debut album, “Pink Friday,” would be a commercial success, you couldn’t be more wrong. So go stand in the corner. In fact, it even outsold Kanye West’s critically acclaimed “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” over the past week. Hello darlin’ Nicki.

Released November 22nd, “Pink Friday” has moved north of the gold status mark of 500,000 copies sold with an additional 81,900 units sold last week. That means she beat Kanye’s sales by about 16,000 copies. That’s enough to put her in the number 6 spot on the billboard Top 200 chart.

So is Minaj really ready to ascend to the throne and become the queen of hip hop? What are her expectations? Here’s what she told Rolling Stone:

“There’s some songs I just won’t write because I’m afraid of it not meeting my expectation of what I know that song could be,” she said. “I don’t compete with other people, I compete with myself.”