*(Via Gospel Today) Our country loves to say it prides itself on inclusive equality. We like to look at those who we feel are being left out of the American Dream and make modifications to make them feel the dream is achievable.

However, at what cost? I am a strong believer that the private life of an individual should have no bearing on their professional potential but as far as the military goes, I find passing “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” to be filled with potential havoc. As a military veteran, I know first-hand that the lives of soldiers cannot be clearly separated by private or professional.

In other words, soldiers do not have such a thing as privacy. A soldier’s “private” home that he shares with his family, whether on or off base, can be inspected, a soldier can be legally punished for cheating on their spouse and they can be disciplined for obtaining a tattoo under “Damage to Government Property” policies.

Let’s face it. The recruitment of soldiers is down and Congress is scrambling to find ways to increase recruitment so they can have more “resources” to play with. Rather than re-institute the “draft” creating massive hysteria, this was the more plausible direction to go into. After all, these are a group of individuals completely willing to serve. U.S. Senator John McCain even said, “Now (wartime) isn’t the time to force such legislation.” But he’s wrong! In the eyes of those who would like to quickly and effortlessly replace our over 4,000 fallen soldiers, it is actually the perfect time.

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