*Dr. Dre, the legendary producer and West Coast rap representative, shared with Vibe that he has finally let go of his collection of 80,000 vinyl discs.

He took a photo way back when with his stacked collection, where he is pictured sitting in a room filled with old vinyl and scattered on the floor. The photo appeared on the cover of Chronic 2001. Now, that coveted piece of art, history, and music will be played in someone else’s record player.

“The record collection is gone now,” he told Vibe, elaborating that most of pieces were sold off. “What I did was just went through and jotted down everything I was in love with so I could order it [later].”

Dre of course is a music lover with a keen appreciation for some good sounds. Among those he kept in his close grip were Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” soundtrack, Nirvana’s 1989 “Bleach” and Barry White’s Greatest Hits.

Nirvana? Grunge rock? Who knew?

“That’s one of my favorite albums ever made,” the doctor shared. “I still listen to the sh** to work out.”