*Tuesday afternoon, in Panama City, Florida, an apparent nut job identified as Clay Duke, held a school board meeting in Florida at gunpoint and opened fire, after walking up to the podium and creating a V symbol in a circle with spray paint on the wall

“Six men stay. Everyone else leave,” the burly 56-year-old gunman said.

Moments later, Ginger Littleton, a board member, returned to the room and swung a purse at him. She ended up on the ground after the two struggled. The gunman cursed her, but did not open fire and he let her leave the room.

Duke, whose wife supposedly lost her school job, was shot and killed by the school Board’s security chief, Mike Jones, who was alerted to the incident.

The gunman was declared dead at a local hospital. An autopsy is expected Wednesday.

The entire incident was caught on video because the board meetings are broadcast over the Internet. Watch the drama unfold below: