*There was a rumor going around that Erykah Badu was pregnant by one of the officers who arrested her for public nudity after her video for “Window Seat.” But the singer has taken to Twitter to set the record straight: “not pregnant. just chubby. lol,” she wrote, adding, “…and my metabolism done slowed down.”

The tweet was in response to this item in Atlanta Gossip:

Sources close to Atlanta Gossip, (AG) have confirmed that Erykah Badu is pregnant with her third child by a Dallas, TX Police Officer who has been identified only as Officer Brown.

"Officer Brown"

He arrested Badu back in March when she shot her “Window Seat” video in Dealey Plaza that landed her in jail.

The two reportedly started dating a month later and are both excited about the pregnancy. This will be Badu’s third child and his first.  Congrats from Atlanta Gossip!

Baby bump rumors were also sparked by her choice of attire for the recent Soul Train Awards.

See video below.