*On Tuesday EURweb.com was on the scene at an event sponsored by Belvedere Vodka. It seems as though those cats are sponsoring something every time you turn around. Anyway, as the drinks were following, and New York City’s beautiful people began to pile into the confines of the Gilda Hall downtown, we found ourselves face to face with none other than one of the original Kings of Comedy, D.L. Hughley.  He was just, you know, chillin’.  We didn’t want to go all TMZ on the brother, but when I introduced myself I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that he recognized me.  

“Man, I thought you looked familiar,” said Hughley, adorned in an ill leather jacket with the matching Louis Vutton scarf. He has been keeping it on the low as of the late.  The first thing that came to mind was his now defunct CNN vehicle.  We thought it was a brilliant idea.  What happened?

“We saw things differently,” he explained.  “They thought we should do it here, but it’s hard to live in New York and my family lived in L.A.  It was hard to go back and forth. I was home like 6 hours a week. It ran its course and it was a great experience and I had a great time.”

With a talent for comedy as great as his, we just knew D.L. had some great idea just waiting to pounce upon America’s viewing public.  It seems as though we were right.

“We have a new series.  It’s called ‘Rabbit Factory’ for TBS.  We start taping the pilot in Albuquerque, NM the 9th through the 20th of December. I play a cop with 4 kids.”

And we were pleasantly surprised to hear that Hughley and friends are hitting the road again on the comedy tip.

“We’re working on an HBO special and we’re touring with ‘Kings of Comedy’.  So, we’re really excited about that.”