*Turns out Floyd Mayweather Jr. was arrested late Thursday on a misdemeanor warrant accusing him of poking a security guard in the face outside the boxer’s home, police said.

As previously reported, an arrest warrant was issued for Mayweather on Thursday regarding the run-in over parking tickets and police said the welterweight champion was arrested at a casino late Thursday and taken to the Clark County jail.

The 33-year-old boxer was being held without bail and is due to appear in court on Monday on charges he poked a neighborhood security guard in the face on Nov. 15 while they were arguing.

Mayweather was free on unrelated felony charges after posting bail following a September arrest after a dispute involving the mother of his sons.

If convicted of the misdemeanor battery charge, he faces a possible six-month jail sentence and a 1,000-dollar fine.

The felony robbery, coercion and grand larceny charges plus misdemeanor domestic