*Foxy Brown gets a big fat FAIL for flaking out on her anticipated Lil Kim holiday themed diss record. She’s also being cryptic about some big something or other going on in her life.

She promised the public that she would be releasing a track, “Christmas Massacre,” to get back at Lil Kim. But it didn’t pop off. So what happened?

She told her followers on Twitter that there was some confusion about the venue for the location of her party where the big debut was set. She said it wasn’t her fault and apologized, but she also commented that something better is in the making.

If you care, here are the tweets:

(@foxydondiva)Pray for ur girl. Something bigger’s going on. But GOD got me covered in his blood.  

(@foxydondiva)My baby sis Wanda Fox, FOX Boyz, Ferrari, GT Nick, Sha, Britney Fox, Team FOX and all my die hard FOX fans… from my heart, I luv yall.

(@foxydondiva)the Devil’s at his busiest when ur about to get busy.

(@foxydondiva)Although the confusion fell far beyond my control, my responsibility and concern is to my fans and family; my priority. As I always say…

(@foxydondiva) I’d like to personally apologize for the confusion and venue changing of the beautiful “Christmas In Brooklyn” party.

(@foxydondiva) I hope everyone had a blessed & beautiful Christmas.. my favorite time of the year. Still grieving the loss of someone special & dear to me.