*Watch out Lil Kim, Foxy Brown is about to get all up in your grill … again.

As you know, for a while now, the catfight has been between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, but now Foxy wants in on the action. She’s getting ready to release her own Lil Kim diss track called, “Christmas Massacre.”

Fans will be able to indulge on the holiday verbal fisticuffs at Brown’s Christmas Eve party and performance in Brooklyn at Club Jelani’s.

The longstanding animosity between the two led to a shooting back in 2001, then things quieted down for a while. But Foxy appears to have been rekindling the war of words over the past year, releasing several subliminal disses, criticizing Kim for appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and her “bleached out face.”

Fliers for the performance hype Foxy’s diss as “the most anticipated response since (Jay Z’s ‘Takeover’),” and also say that, while Foxy will “address the issue with Lil Kim,” the track also features a “shout out to her girl Nicki Minaj.”

So far there’s been no response from Lil Kim’s camp.