*The year’s most successful independent label, Young Money Entertainment, founded by multi-platinum  recording artist Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter, was built by a superstar and builds superstars.  

Hip Hop Weekly’s year-end issue focuses on Wayne, from his childhood beginnings in New Orleans to his emergence as the most formidable artist in hip hop history and  the jaw-dropping emergence of  the label’s leading  artists,  Drake and Nicki Minaj, whose enigmatic personas and fashionable style  dominates the media much in the same way that their music rules the charts.  

The Young Money Tribute also features the major players who  have accompanied  Lil Wayne on his path to success and spotlights the other label’s talent, including co-founder Bryan Williams,  Mack Maine,  Short Dawg,  Lil Twist, Chuckee, Tyga, Cory Gunz, Shanell …in their own words.  Rare and exclusive interviews, the historical perspective and overview of the label are chronicled in this keepsake issue.

(source: UnityFirst.com)