Snooki ('Jersey Shore') and Kim Kardashian

*Writer Terry Shropshire has some very strong views – some might say, extreme views – on how reality TV is affecting in a negative manner.

Example number one is how Montana Fishburne says she was influence by Kim Kardashian to publicly exploit her vagina because of the success Kardashian had by doing a sex tape. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s an interesting and thought provoking read. Here’s a taste:

This delirious woman-child is Exhibit A in our court-of-public-opinion case against the promotion of “irrational TV,” er, reality TV.

The daughter of Academy Award-nominated actor Laurence Fishburne pretty much decided to auction off her vagina — and her sanity — in exchange for instant fame because of reality shows.

Miss Chippy D wants to duplicate the success of her idol, the depraved locker-room slut Kim Kardashian, who is an STD waiting to happen.

Kardashian became a reality TV megastar only because of skills she displayed while pinned to a mattress and her legs open during the sex tape she made with the equally talent deprived Ray J. that was “leaked” to the public.

It would be bad enough if it were just Montana. But unfortunately she is merely the highest-profile case of a legion of misguided, wayward adolescents who want to ride the rising reality TV crest into easy and quick fame. What young African Americans today are being inculcated with as a result of reality shows makes one shudder in disgust and apprehension. And it says that the more morbidly stupid, wild, uncouth and untalented you are, the more famous you can become. Just look at Exhibit B, Snooki of “Jersey Shores.” Neither Snooki nor Kim Kardashian have exhibited any discernible skills whatsoever. Their only assets are pretty faces and large appendages that jiggle in your face and activate your libido. This is not role model material.

Uh huh. Like we said, whether you agree or disagree, it’s interesting and thought provoking. Read MORE of this article by Terry Shropshire, at Rolling Out.