*Usher is being accused of stealing from years-long running adult cartoon, “The Simpsons.”

According to reports, the singer supposedly borrowed original material first created for a 2003 episode of the show to make his “OMG” hit popular.

The track goes, “Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow/Honey got some boo— like wow, oh wow.” Then in the Simpsons episode titled ‘Dude, Where’s My Ranch?’ Homer Simpson belts out a holiday tune, singing, “Christmas in December, wow, wow, wow/ Give me tons of presents, now, now, now.”

It’s really hard to tell whether or not Will.i.am., who produced the song, jacked the lyrics from the yellow bodied cartoon show. But radio jocks at Y101.7 in Mississippi did a mashup of the songs and produced an interesting comparison.

Check it out the mashup:

In other news, Usher is also in trouble for a similar charge with Wadena Pyatt, who clams Usher and Alicia Keys stole the 2004 song “Caught Up” from her. She said she was signed to MBK entertainment in 2003, the same label of Keys’ former manager owns. She wrote a song for her debut album, but later heard it on Usher’s “Confessions” album, but was never credited as a songwriter. Tough industry.