*Uh oh, J.Lo is on front-street with some dirty, dirty sex tapes. The singer/actress filed an injunction against her ex-husband, Ojai Noa, from making public some very, very intimate videotapes of the two of them, reports Radar Online.

The tapes supposedly contain over 21 hours of sex and graphic images, now out there for the public “dogs” to feed off of.

“JLo is riding a scooter in public in Cuba, while talking to the camera and numerous by-standers,” Ed Meyer, a representative for Noa, said. “In Noa’s Home Videos, Lopez displays deviant behavior by consensually exposing her genital area in public.”

According to reports, the images show Jennifer’s va-jay-jay in plain view.

Noa and Lopez wed in 1997; the marriage lasted 11 months.

This is just an addition to the long list of legal battles between the two. Last year the singer prevented her ex from distributing yet another sex tape. But this time she didn’t get her way.

Unfortunately, this news comes out just days after J Lo was declared a national spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Club of America. Yikes!