*Katherine Jackson is laying her foot down at the Jackson compound in Encino. She is giving the boot to Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, the mother of Randy Jackson’s three kids and Jermaine Jackson’s two kids.

The banishing coincides with Katherine’s plan to remodel the house. The 80-year-old woman is, according to TMZ, in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December. The renovations are said to be quite extensive and the house is expected to be vacant for several months.

Once everything is back in order, Katherine disclosed that she will only allow some of the former residents back into the house. She is banishing Oaziaza and Randy and Jermaine’s kids to a condo Michael owned in the San Fernando Valley. But she’s keeping the eldest child, Genevieve.

Reports say the baby mama was asking for too much and was kicked out before. If she isn’t satisfied with the new place, she will be forced to live somewhere else. Also, it’s been rumored that Oaziaza and some of her kids have already moved to Japan.

Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza (Jackson)