*Have you seen that steamy Keri Hilson video “The Way You Love Me?” (Scroll down below to see it.) The song itself is enough to make your car windows steam, but if you watched the dramatized music video, there was little to leave to the imagination. Others thought so too.

Hilson is actually getting some back-lash for her racy video and rated x lyrics. The hook might require parental guidance. She says, “F- me, f-me” and also “I got the kinda p– that’ll keep you out the streets.”

But she makes it seem ok with her soft tone and distracting dance moves. The song almost makes you forget she really can’t sing.

In response, the singer says she never expected the negative feedback and that it is just an honest expression of her sexuality.

“I’m just saying what women really think and feel and if I’m gonna be honest about myself, I have to show that side of myself,” the ‘Knock You Down’ singer told Hot 97?s Angie Martinez, adding that while the song is about being a freak, it’s about doing so within a committed relationship. “Look, sometimes, this is what we want. If I’m in a room and I’m writing from a girl’s perspective, I may be a small percentage of a freak, but I am a freak! There’s a time to be that. If you’re being real with yourself – I’m not talking about giving it to everybody – I’m in a relationship and I’m saying look, tonight, I don’t want to caress. I want you to f- me tonight!”

On the other hand of all the criticism, Perez Hilton and others support the Keri Hilson “movement.”

“Even though it’s gotten crazy, crazy, crazy bad reviews, it’s also gotten some great reviews from women who respect it and women who did feel empowered by it,” she explained to Martinez. “So that, to me, overshadowed the ones that didn’t understand it. I feel good.”

Do ya thang girl! Freaky sex is natural 😉

“No Boys Allowed” will be out in time for last minute Christmas gifts on Dec. 21.