*Master P is on a mission to catch a woman fraudulently using his and his incarcerated brother’s (C-Murder) name to collect funds for a phony organization.

Alisa R. Harris from Memphis, Tenn. is being accused of running a group of websites and claiming to be involved with the two brothers.

“This is crazy,” Master P told Memphis news affiliate, Action 5 News. “She needs to be stopped.” He added that he has never met Harris.

According to reports, she has used a minister’s license to obtain a church tax ID, but allegedly lives in a boarding house and ministers to no one. She has been telling the world via the Internet that her “organizations” collect money for the less fortunate and has hired 116 ex-convicts and welfare recipients to solicit donations.

“I’m doing this as something I am doing from my heart,” Harris said. “And I’m creating hope for people that don’t have any.” But in reality, she does not possess legal credentials or licenses to obtain funds in the state. Master P believes the only difference she is making is for herself and her pockets.

What Master P will do is yet to be determined, but legal action against Harris is not out of the question.