*After what Michael Vick went through, you’d never guess he’d ever say that he would like to own another dog. Say what?

Yep, the Philadelphia Eagles high flying quarterback said just that on Wednesday to reporters.

“I would love to have another dog,” Vick said at his locker. “My entire life I grew up with a pet in my house. The last few years were the first that I haven’t had one. My daughter is used to it, my son is used to it. It’s just different. I feel bad for them and the entire situation, what I did. It could be part of my rehabilitation process showing people I do care about animals sincerely and genuinely.”

It has been a rough but successful road for Vick post serving 19 months in prison for dog fighting. He’s had an extremely productive season with the Eagles so far and anticipates a continued growth in his game. But as far as the dogs are concerned, he really put some thought into bringing one home.

“I could take care of an animal in my household. If they want to monitor me doing it, then they can,” said Vick, who noted he had dogs ranging from a beagle to a mixed breed growing up in Virginia.

He added, “Whatever animal I’d have would live a happy life,” Vick said. “I know that.”

Michael Vick is legally not allowed to own a dog.