*These days, former athletes and washed up stars have to be creative and innovative with their multiple streams of income just to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

Mike Tyson is one of those folks and lately has been stirring up all kinds of interesting gigs, but his most recently rumored thing is a new Las Vegas airline.

He spoke with Larry King explaining that he just might be the spokesperson for the coming transportation line.

“Have you got something to do with an airline,” King asked Tyson during the interview, to which he replied: “Yes, L.V. Airlines.”

He went on to say that he will not only be the new face but also has put some chips in the pot for the new business.

“Las Vegas is in an economical crisis and everything. And we’re working so hard just to give back to the community, since I’m in a big community, in Las Vegas for 24 years,” the former heavyweight boxing champ explained. “This is an ultra luxury airline. It’s pretty much taken the place — American planes have taken the place of like the Concorde, so to speak, you know? It flies from all over the country to Las Vegas. Yes.”

Well, the rumor has now been confirmed to be fact, for the most part. According to the official website, www.flylvairnow.com, Tyson is the new official spokesman.

L.V. Air is offering full service such as “direct to room” baggage service and hotel “flight check in” to avoid long airport lines. However, the airline company has not started to book flights just yet.