Ne-Yo and the WJLB morning show crew

*We just heard from WJLB/Detroit’s Max Rosenhaus about the visit they got from Ne-Yo today with the station’s morning show that stars COCO, Foolish and Mr. Chase.

During the singer/songwriter’s appearance, he talked about the inspiration behind his new album “Libra Scale,” his experience as a new father and the relationship with his baby-mama, he also addressed those never ending gay rumors and even freestyled for the listeners. He also shared a funny story about the craziest thing a fan ever did to try and get with him.

When Mr. Chase asked how Ne-Yo he feels when he hears people question his sexuality he said, “Oh lord … at this point believe whatever the hell you want to believe. At this point. Ive been in the game now as an artist for 5-6 years and really this is what you’re still choosing to hate on me with? Call me ugly. Say something else. It’s to the point where it’s like ‘come on now.’ I understand what it is, they can’t find anything else to say, so they say ‘he gay.’ … Maybe I need to whoop somebody ass …”

He said he is scared of fatherhood, and when asked why he said “The world man…”

Does he ever plan on jumping the broom with his baby mama?

“Dang Bruh. (laughs) I’m happy right now. She’s happy right now. Let’s leave it at that”

When asked what made him want to be a singer Ne-Yo said, “It wasn’t one particular artist. It was after my mom gave me Michael Jackson’s ‘Off the Wall Album’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Music of My Mind’ or ‘Hotter than July.’ Those were the ones I learned how to sing from. Anytime something Michael or Stevie came on I was locked in and from there is where I got my passion for music.”

Ne-Yo also told a crazy story of a fan who gave Ne-Yo a whole bag full of used lingerie with pictures of her wearing each individual garment.

And in classic “COCO, Foolish and Mr. Chase” fashion, they convinced Ne-Yo to spit a HOT FREESTYLE! He didn’t even take a sip of water before blowing some of the crispiest notes we have heard live!

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