*Author John Watts has hit a gold mine in the hearts of his readers with his new book, “Power Of The V.”  His recent first signing at Barnes and Noble in the ritzy Beverly Hills section of The Grove drew a record number of supporters.   

Barnes and Noble management confirmed that Watts drew a crowd that not even celebrity authors have garnered during their first time out and his book sales doubled!  

The arch of “Power Of The V” centers around women’s values.  John Watts was encouraged to write the book when he witnessed a pattern of poor dating choices by his two daughters, who are now aged twenty three and twenty four.   John recalls:

“They were dating unemployed guys who were gang banging with no education. These were ex-cons, and all the while my daughters were working, going to school and trying to make something of themselves.”

John continues: “They were just having sex and having kids (which now totals five children) by five baby daddies and nobody’s married.”   Watts decided to write a letter to them reminding them that they were just giving themselves away, when they had the power!

The message here is that because you are a woman, you should value yourself and have self worth; and seek the same worth in your mate.

The realization also hit that Mr. Watts’ daughters were having unprotected sex.  The threat of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases prompted the thought, “Hey, I can deal with a baby, but I can’t deal with or learn that my daughters could die needlessly from AIDS.”

Customers of “Power Of The V” range from 12-73 and transcend race and gender.   Various ploys are exposed for women to know the many things that men will do to get between their legs.  Watts clearly states that a woman can validate herself, and not wait to be validated by her man.  According to John:

“The best situation is where no one dominates the other, they (the couple) share the moment.”

A scroll through the chapter titles tease with subjects like Easy V, Poor Girl’s V, Rich Girl’s V, Home Wrecker V and The V Recession, among others.  
The steady stream of customers during his five hour book signing is indicative of the strength of “V” power.   

Watts and his brilliant team have crafted a complete line of V products. A free gift awaits those lucky enough to order from the book’s first shipment.   John Watts’ high hopes of having his own talk show or being on the new Oprah Winfrey OWN network could come true at the rate that he’s going.   

At the moment, he’s tapping in and cashing in on the power that has brought forth all of creation: “The Power of The V!”

Copies of the book and other gift items are now available at http://www.kistonebooks.com.

To wear the emblem and be a Woman of Validation, visit http://www.povdesigns.com.  

John Watts currently resides in Los Angeles.