*A former sex trafficked teen, prostitute, call girl and stripper is starring in a new reality show about helping prostitutes on the street and bringing them to Jesus Christ.

The show, “Hookers: Saved on the Strip,” follows Hookers for Jesus founder Annie Lobert on her quest to rescue women willing to escape the “game.” She takes them to Destiny House, a safe haven where she tries to help them spiritually and prepare them for the real world.

The three-part series, which premieres Wednesday night, contains some graphic scenes and mentions God very few times. But Lobert insists that the show is about living out the Gospel.

”The parts that you will see is what [Investigation Discovery] chose to portray. There are a lot of things that you will not see that you’re just going to have to trust, if you are a Christian watching, that we are doing this for God,” Lobert told The Christian Post. “It is a show about redemption and restoration in Jesus Christ.”

Through the show, Lobert is hoping to help correct people’s misunderstandings of prostitution and destroy the stereotype associated with the practice.

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