Chuck Walker and gorgeous Kathleen Bradley (aka Mrs. Parker) were ready to party. Kat was the first one in and entered dancing. (scroll down for more Vinni Ratcliff photos)

* Twenty years ago Charles “Chuck” Walker originally from Springfield Arkansas opened his barber and salon in Pasadena on Lake Avenue near the picturesque Altadena foothills. The month, year and date was December 18th, 1990.

At the time Chuck was also grieving the death of his seven year old son Justin, who died from cancer. In the midst of his sorrow, Chuck vowed to never forget the love he had for his son and so he named his new enterprise, Just In Time Hair Trends. Chuck wanted people to say his son’s name a billion times even though they didn’t know they were saying it.

Well, many very important people have said Justin’s name, clients of Chuck Walker’s such as Stevie Wonder, VP of Motown Frank Wilson, music artist Jon B, producer/actor Eric Laneuville, NFL star Derrick Harden, actor Isa Hall, actor J.D. Hall, actor Meshach Taylor and the list is long.

On December 18th, 2010, marking 20 successful years as a trusted barber, Chuck Walker celebrated big time with his wife, family, friends, customers, employees and many, many Hollywood celebrities.

Chuck decided to go full blown red carpet style with lights, red velvet ropes, DJ, free drinks and food for everyone at the salon on December 18th. The very first celebrity to arrive at the party was gorgeous former Price Is Right Model Kathleen Bradley. Kathleen made her mark in show biz as the first African American model on a prime time game show. She also received a huge following from her portrayal of sexy “Mrs. Parker” in the film Friday.  Other illustrious stars soon followed into the salon in spite of treacherous rainy weather conditions. They included special guests, Frank Wilson, BET comedienne Annie McKnight, actor Roger E. Mosley ( of Magnum PI fame) media moguls, Lee Bailey ( and Jeffrey Henderson;  exotic actress Suzette Tomlinson, action pack hero Xango Henry often compared to Steven Seagal, fitness trainer and chef Sam Bell, dynamic Pop/R&B/Hip Hop singer Trueful, new Hip Hop singing sensations Redd Magic, mixed-martial arts phenom Mariano Mendoza, celebrity hairstylist Gina Everett (also a stylist at Just In Time known as “The Hair Doctor”) and legendary actor and voice over artist J.D. Hall. Lovely Pasadena resident and television and film star, 21 year old Najla Bashira (Hannah Montana, role of Stephanie, also co-starring in the soon to be released film At The Top of The Pyramid) was also seen on the red carpet.

DJ Honey Lee kept the music popping with Rihanna’s Rude Boy in serious rotation. Trueful delivered a sizzling performance as did Redd Magic (T Redd and Kyrie Matthews).  T Redd is the son of Kathleen Bradley and Terrence Redd, Sr. (who was also in attendance to support his son).

Durlene Escobar, trusted employee of Just In Time Hair Trends was busily accommodating everyone on behalf of Chuck.

It was a great night celebrating a community role model, Charles Walker and the memory of his beloved son  Justin during a time when the nation is celebrating the nativity. Check out some snaps from the event:

The guys, Jeffrey Henderson, Lee Bailey, Chuck Walker, J.D. Hall, Sam Bell and Kathleen Bradley down front.

Chuck Walker and immediate family delighted with overwhelming turnout

Roger Mosley and Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl long-time friends. Back in the day, Eugenia co-starred in pilot of Magnum PI with Roger. (Who knew?!)

Coverage: Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl

All photos:  Vinni Ratcliff

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