*On the heels of first single “Hold My Hand,” a new song from the forthcoming Michael Jackson album “Michael” has surfaced online.

The somber love ballad “Much Too Soon,” which is the 10th and final track on the posthumous set, has made its debut on iTunes’ social networking service, Ping. It is described as “the bittersweet closing to a stellar collection.”

Backed by an acoustic guitar and a swelling string section, Jackson quietly sings about missing a lover who rejected him. “I’m hoping that my prayers will see/The day that you come back to me,” Jackson sings at the song’s conclusion, “But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon.” [Scroll down to listen.]

According to the song’s description on Ping, “Much Too Soon” was “written at the time of ‘Thriller,'” and Jackson “always liked the song but never found the right home for it.” The ballad was written by the singer and co-produced with John McClain, the co-executor of his estate.

“Much Too Soon” is a change of pace from the optimistic Akon duet “Hold My Hand,” which debuted at No. 84 on Billboard’s Hot 100 last week. [Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes clip from the video .]

Along with the media-baiting dance track “Breaking News,” “Soon” is the third taste of “Michael,” which is set to hit stores Dec. 14.



Michael Jackson Much too soon from Dragon2Feu1 on Vimeo.