*After expressing some deep seeded frustration with the makers of the Tribe Called Quest documentary, rapper Q-Tip is explaining himself.

The film, entitled, “Beats Rhymes & Fights” is being produced by actor Michael Rapaport but hasn’t gotten total approval from Tip

“What I will say is that a lot of people automatically assume I’m speaking just as the subject, like, ‘Oh s-, I’m not supporting it because I didn’t like it,'” Q-Tip explained on Shade 45 radio. “But I’m a producer on this film. Tribe is a producer, so I’m speaking for the whole group. A lot of people think that I’m speaking individually. Even though I addressed it as “I’m” not supporting it, in reality, as producers, there are just different things that need to be done film wise. The sentiment of the film is 80 percent there, but it’s just not done.”

He was also sure to guard his tongue, not to get any rumors started about his feelings toward Rapaport. He also alluded to some exploration regarding his drama with Phife.

“Everybody knows that there’s been issues between Phife and I,” the rapper stated. “Those things are included in the film and we’re not trying to sweeten it or take it out. It’s not that we don’t agree with the film… it’s just not finished, there’s some holes in it. It’s tough when you’re an up-and-coming director, and you’re working on something out of your pocket, and you’ve been working on it for a long time. You start speeding a little. But it’s not done yet, there’s still some things that need to be done. It’s just that simple.”

If you can find it, the trailer leaked on the Net last week. “Beats, Rhymes & Fights” is set to release next year.