*Bay Area rapper, Paris, filed a $20 million lawsuit against NBC Networks, Warner Brothers Pictures, Cheryl Hines, Denise Cramsey, Stuart Krasnow and other producers on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court of Northern District of Texas.

He alleges the companies stole his concepts for reality television shows.
Specifically he claiming wrongful duplication his original concept of “Your School Makeover” for their series “School Pride.”

According to the suit, Paris, born Oscar Jackson, copyrighted the show’s concept, which is based around redesigning rundown schools, with the help of an urban hip-hop label, world-class designers and contractors, all “willing to use its resources to make a difference.” After shopping the idea around through his company Guerilla Funk, he claims to have become the victim of copyright infringement.

“In or about early October, 2010, Plaintiff began receiving unsolicited telephone calls of congratulations for finally getting the work produced, in response to advertising on defendant’s NBC’s network School Pride,” read the complaint.

Despite the suit and accusation, neither Cheryl Hines (who stars on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) nor NBC, have responded.

Also, on top of the $20 million, Paris is also seeking $30,000 in statutory damages.