*Hollywood, CA — Cupid is excited to announce that he signed a management deal with Derrick Crooms of Rockfort Management, Inc.

Derrick Crooms, who is also the A&R of ColliPark Music has teamed up with his brother Michael Crooms pka Mr. ColliPark in the past to produce two platinum selling acts under the ColliPark Music brand.  

They are the same company who took Soulja Boy, The Ying Yang Twins, Hurricane Chris, and V.I.C. to the next level and now they intend to do the same with Cupid.

Cupid who is best known for his international hit “Cupid Shuffle” from his 2007 debut album Time For A Change. It spawned a popular line dance and in August 2007 more than 17,000 people in Atlanta broke the Guinness Record for the world’s largest line dance at the Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour. Since then the song has been downloaded over 1,750,000 and roughly 6,500 new downloads each week. Needless to say people are still loving and enjoying this song and will go double platinum SOON!

Cupid who was originally signed with Atlantic Records now found a new home at Malaco Music Group and with the help of tenured manager Crooms he feels like the skies the limit to what he can achieve! “Crooms see’s beyond just dance songs, he wants to help me show people I can really sing.” -Cupid

He is releasing his sophomore album “Feel Good Music” February 15, 2010 and his new single “Teach Me How To Wobble” is stirring up a lot of buzz and is sure to be as big a success as “Cupid Shuffle” and “Do My Ladies Run This Party” which was featured on BET’s 106.

Cupid is no regular artist. He goes above and beyond what a regular artist does to insure his own success. It’s because of his determination that he was the face of McDonald’s McCafe new campaign and they debut a commercial earlier this year. He has also been an integral part of Disney’s The Disney Dreamers Academy.

Cupid is excited to announce this new partnership and he would love for you to share the news with your readers.

For further information on Cupid please go to www.newcupidonline.com or contact Elvira@elviegpr.com.

Elvira Guzman