*TMZ is reporting that Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, plans to press charges against an off-duty police officer working at West Hollywood nightclub Voyeur Saturday night for allegedly spraying mace in his face and putting him in a headlock.

A source claims Marley — who has five children with Lauryn Hill — mistook someone outside the club as a valet, and that person took offense.

“We’re told Marley and the guy traded words and eventually fought,” reports TMZ. “Sources say an off-duty cop who works at the club maced all involved – eventually putting Marley in the chokehold.

“Marley tells TMZ he was simply defending himself and feels the off-duty cop ‘went overboard.’ He says he’ll look into pressing charges because he ‘can’t just let this go.’”

Watch footage of the incident here .