*Although T.I. is behind bars, isolated from the free world, he stays in constant contact with his partner in crime and the love of his life, his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.

According to the former Xscape singer, the couple is in touch every day whether through email or telephone.

“He called me checking in,” she told Atlanta radio station V103. “He told me to tell you ‘thank you and everybody thank you.’ I told him I was coming up here so he wanted me to tell everybody thank you for going out to buy [his new album, ‘No Mercy’] and getting in and supporting him. He had to make other calls so he had to jump off with me really quick.”

Wow, has prison changed. Tiny explained that her hubby calls twice a day and is able to contact her through the Internet, limited to email, which is the extent of his online privileges.

Tip is currently serving another one-year sentence for violating his probation just weeks after being released from prison.

In September, he and Tiny were pulled over in Los Angeles. Police found a collection of ecstasy pills in their possession. Both were arrested, but T.I. has to serve more time.

His new CD, “No Mercy,” is now on sale.