*After a long fought battle, Michael Jackson’s unreleased music hit shelves yesterday, over a year and a half after the King of Pop’s death.

Will.i.am, Katherine Jackson and Quincy Jones were avidly against the release of “Michael,” but Teddy Riley fought hard to get it out.

In an interview with the UK Guardian, Riley said:

“I’m confident Michael would have wanted his message out there, and that’s what counts. I fought against his family big time. The only reason I fought against them all and fought against the fans was to make them believe that this is Michael Jackson’s vocals.”

In response to what he believes are heinous rumors and comments made by Quincy Jones, over whether Michael’s voice is actually on some of the tracks, Riley took this dig at the legendary producer:

“Look at his age. He can barely hear you talk. How the hell could he hear Michael? Anybody who says [it is not Jackson on the album], I do have a comeback, because you’re not right. That’s just the bottom line.”