*Planned Parenthood targets African American babies for abortion. That’s the message of an aggressive new marketing campaign by an Austin, TX based nonprofit that is backed by considerable resources and powerful political allies.

“Genocide is a strong word, but it’s almost like that,” said Brian Follett, founder of Heroic Media, a faith-based anti-abortion organization created in April 2004 as the Majella Society.

Using celebrity speakers such as Sarah Palin and polished advertising via billboard, TV and the Internet, Heroic’s mission is to reduce the number of abortions by referring women to “crisis pregnancy resource centers,” charities (usually faith-based) that counsel pregnant women against abortion.

The women need “someone to sit down with them, put an arm around them and share with them that other people have been through these crisis pregnancies before, and to meet their social needs,” Follett said.

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