Yogi Bear (r) and Boo Boo (l), Warner Bros.' Yogi Bear

*“I wanted to get…close to the original character,” Dan Aykroyd said about his voice-style for the lovable accident-prone Yogi Bear, who stars in his own movie to hit theaters December 17, 2010 in 3D. Yogi Bear stars with his faithful side-kick Boo Boo, who is voiced by Justin Timberlake. “You can’t help it; a lot of your own personality comes through.” Aykroyd added about any variation from the original.

I think they both did an excellent job staying true to Hanna-Barbera’s bubbly voices of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. The animation is so breath-taking and when they put it together, “perfectly,” with the live actors, you enter into a whole new world.

Tom Cavanaugh stars as the hard-working Ranger Smith; Anna Faris, a nature documentary filmmaker, is Ranger Smith’s love interest Rachel Johnson; T. J. Miller is the over-enthusiastic Deputy Ranger Jones; Andrew Daly is the conniving Mayor Smith, and Nate Corddry is the Mayor’s suck-up Chief of Staff.

Timberlake said he went through a process of voicing his character the lovable Boo Boo.

“Creative support,” Justin said is what they gave him and Dan in finding their “voice” for the characters. On getting such a major role Justin added that sincerely, “(Boo Boo’s) an icon character…I’m honored to be contributing.”

Yogi Bear is a Warner Bros Picture presentation of a Sunswept Entertainment/De Line Pictures Production. Rated PG, the film provides a wonderful world the whole family can live in and enjoy for a couple of hours. The film will also open up that age old discussion, what happens if we cut down all the trees.

Though at every turn Yogi Bear is creating park-mayhem in his attempt to steal food, you grow to love him, as intended. The 3D was almost like an amusement park ride for me with everything from lunch baskets, firecrackers and water (seemingly) being thrown at me. A must see for everyone with children or those like me with a child’s heart.

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Dancer/cheerleader Royce Reed stars in another season of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’

Royce Reed, VH1's 'Basketball Wives'

*VH1’s reality series “Basketball Wives” recently launched its new season, which revolves around seven women who are linked to professional basketball players. One of the women, Royce Reed, is known as a “firecracker.” She is a professionally trained dancer and a two-time NBA cheerleader (Heat and Magic).

“Obviously I’m not a wife,” Royce Reed giggled when I asked how she became involved in the reality show, being a single mother. “These days you go by wifey…and I had been with him (Magic’s Dwight Howard) for 3-4 years and they wanted me to have a voice.”

Reed grew up excelling in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. By the time she graduated Florida A&M University in Theater Education and Humanities Royce was captain of the cheerleading team and president of the Mahogany Dance Theatre in Tallahassee.

“Dancing came quicker,” she recalled.

Reed now has her own dance company, Fantashique, which performs regularly across Florida at places such as an upcoming event to fight breast cancer. She is currently working on a book and hasn’t counted out the possibility of cheerleading again.

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