*“(Barry Eastmond) He opened his studio door to me,” R&B’s legendary crooner Freddy Jackson said about how his newest album, “For You,” (Orpheus/E One Entertainment) came to be. “We did two songs…then 10…then 12.”

Freddy Jackson said that they were in the studio mixing what they had and there was a guy there – with Barry Eastmond “the” producer on the CD – from E One Entertainment who said, ‘We must have it!’”

I feel the excitement of that E One executive because this album is like none I have heard from Freddy. In fact, his vocals – though the same – are better than before, if that is at all possible. Jackson (with the help of Barry) has created an Urban/R&B project that continues to prove that Freddy is still one of the leading contemporary R&B singers of our time.

“I’m glad to be received,” Freddy said about the response so far. “God has moved things out my life…and I was not recording. Barry said I should be recording.”

How right Barry was because the result is certainly a hit CD in my book. The whole album is so hot. I let it play all the way through (twice) before critiquing it. I have many favorites on the CD which include “I Don’t Wanna Go,” a hot Urban/R&B cut; “After All This Time,” another hot finger snapping song where Freddy shows he still can be “contemporary” in his delivery “Incognito,” a funky Urban number; “Say Yeah,” I can hear being played in the clubs; “Rumors” and “Any Way You Want It,” are “very” hot – go Freddy – and also have that Urban feel, and “For You I Will,” a special song written by producer Barry Eastmond for his wife Dolly Parton, is so touching it brought tears to my eyes. Ok, I will admit, I do cry easily but what a testament of love “For You I Will” is.

Freddy, who is looking good after losing 107 pounds on a low carbohydrate/lots of walking regiment, began singing in the church. He went on to performing in the clubs of his native New York and eventually landed a gig as Melba Moore’s backup singer. He joined an R&B group Mystic Merlin but branched out to go solo with his debut album in 1985, “Rock Me Tonight.”

The CD topped the charts and led the way for many albums to come which garnered him a total of 11 number one hits. His most memorable songs include “You Are My Lady,” “Have You Ever Loved Somebody,” “Jam Tonight,” “Do Me Again” and “Hey Lover.”

E One Entertainment, who is distributing the CD for his label Orpheus, is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content. Its’ network reaches Canada, U.S., UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

For more information on Freddy Jackson’s “For You” log onto www.EOneMusic.com or www.FreddyJackson.com.

Gospel’s Patrice Wilson offers ‘A Christmas Blessing,’ – Performs it December 17, 2010 on TBN

*Stellar Award nominated Contemporary Gospel singer Patrice Wilson releases “A Christmas Blessing” produced entirely by hit-maker Claude “Deuce” Harris, Jr.  Wilson will sing from the CD on TBN’s Christmas Special slated to air December 17, 2010.

“I sing all types of music,” Patrice Wilson said when I commented that she sounds a lot like Whitney Houston. “I (originally) took up classical (music). In 1999 I decided to go straight Gospel.”

Wilson said her influences – or favorite artists – include Whitney, BabyFace, Vicki Winans and Alicia Keyes. The Houston singer/songwriter released her debut “Sacrifice,” which garnered the hit single “Secret Place,” and her sophomore album, “Worshipper,” by 2006.

“In 2008 I met Claude through Alvin Williams (formerly of Gospel Music Channel),” Patrice pointed out. “We were working on two projects at the time, a Christian and a Praise and Worship, when I broke my foot.”

Instead of continuing on with the projects the duo decided to first put together this delightful Christmas present full of inspiring songs such as the first single off the CD “Everyday is Christmas.” That one is a favorite of mine on the album of 11 songs, along with “Joy to the World” and “This Christmas.”

Claude’s production skills bring a more contemporary spin onto the holiday classics. That, and Wilson’s angelic, but Jazz influenced, vocals is all you need to celebrate the reason for the season – Christ‘s birth.

For more on Patrice Wilson or her “A Christmas Blessing” release log onto her website at www.PatriceWilson.com.